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I studied photography with Aaron Siskind at the Institute of Design, Illinois Institute of Technology, and for my PhD in History of Culture at the University of Chicago. I have been professor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicaago and later, at Yale University, I taught visual theory, photography theory and history, visual culture and Jewish visual studies. This blog, named after my book Touching Photographs (University of Chicago, 2012), represents my efforts to comprehend the practices and powers of photography through words and images. All photographs not credited to another photographer are my own.

email: molin48@molin48

photographic website: www.margaretolinphotography.com

instagram: molin48

academic: yale.academia.edu/margaretolin

6 thoughts on “about touching photographs

  1. A good start!
    Regarding your early posts, it is good you got to approach some of this “history in the making” – interpretations, not just of photographs but of reality itself.

    • Thanks! And yes. I gave some thought to the subtitle of the blog. At first I was going to call it thinking about photography, but then I added “with and” because I realized that I was using photography to think with. In the end, it is the real world that counts.

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