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Center for the Study of Material and Visual Cultures of Religion (Mavcor): Introduction to the Eruv

Palestinian Museum, Woodbridge, CT: “Marking Time”:

“Out of the Closet, Into the Street.” I took the photographs for “Out of the Closet, Into the Street” at the first gay liberation rally in Chicago in April, 1970. The photographs were first shown in Tel Aviv in 2016.

The blog Touching Photographs uses my own photographs and those of others to discuss photography and to support causes. This page culls from the blog and other sources those projects that best illustrate my own ongoing photographic practice. Click on any image to see more photographs and texts from these projects.

1. Ramadan: Umm al-Amad and Bi’r al-Id : a discouraging and hungry day watching sheep, building an endless road by hand, and witnessing an uprooted vineyard.


2. “Demolition, Liberation: May 5, Al-Markez”:  the aftermath of a demolition in the South Hebron Hills, part of a series about demolitions in the Jordan Valley and in the South Hebron Hills that also includes posts about waiting for demolitions, preempting them and experiencing them.


3. “Preemptive Demolition”: When the army is planning to demolish your home, it is sometimes more practical to preempt them and do it yourself.


4. “Women, Tents, Energy, Caves”: part of an ongoing photographic study of an effort by Palestinian women to help themselves and the sources of energy on which their progress depends. Portions have been exhibited in New Haven, Connecticut.


5. “A lovely day in South Hebron,” “Obstructed Vision,” and “Keep off the Grass” are excerpts from early in my ongoing study of the Israeli activist group “Ta’ayush.”


All photographs Margaret Olin © 2020

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  1. Thank you, Margaret Olin, for these revealing and deeply moving photographs.Natalie Zemon Davis

    • Dear Natalie Zemon Davis – You may not remember, but toward the beginning of my academic career, you sent me a similarly kind note out of the blue, about an unsuccessful Guggenheim application of mine. Because of my admiration for your work, your thoughtfulness meant a lot to me then, and it means a lot to me now. Thank you so much!

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